Personal Umbrella

Protecting your clients’ assets, that they have spent their life working for, requires additional liability coverage. Our Personal Umbrella Program offers additional protection if their primary insurance reaches its limits.

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Program highlights:
• Primary or Excess Umbrella coverages available
• Limits available $1 - $10 million
• Drivers with Multiple Tickets, Accidents or Alcohol Related Offenses
• Target risks (such as entertainers, athletes, political figures)
• Farms (underlying CPL or Farm CPL only - no Coml U/L Coverage)
• UM/UIM can be increased to $1,000,000
• Rental Property (no Coml U/L Coverage)
• Youthful drivers in the household
• Motorcycles, jet skis, regular watercraft, ATVs and golf carts
• Driver exclusions available to risks with "driving record" issues
• Older drivers may require a physicians medical statement