Personal/Premises Liability

When claims happen, the proper liability coverages protects against major financial consequenses. If your customers need protection that goes wherever they do, or just for their property location, we’ve got the solution.

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  • Comprehensive

    • Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL)
    1) CPL follows the insured
    2) Primary owner-occupied dwellings and tenant package
  • Premises Liability

      Available for all occupancies, including:
            1) Owner or Tenant
            2) LLC's, Corporations, Trusts, Estates
            3) Vacant Dwellings or Vacant Land
            4) Short-Term Vacation Rentals
            5) Builders Risk/Course of Construction
            6) Renovations
  • Optional Coverages:

    Medical Payments
    Acreage (0-5 acres included) - Additional Premium for >5
  • Applications

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