Recent Success

Commercial Lines

LOB DescDescriptionPremVolume
Public EntityOK Public Transit - $1MIL Primary, $1MIL/$2MIL CGL, $5MIL XS $175,660
E&O-ProfessionalMN $5MIL Tech E&O/Cyber for Firm that does Resale of Hardward products with $44MIL receipts $27,000
Contract CasualtyOK $1MIL/$2MIL CGL for Security Guard - Armed & Unarmed at gated community, office complex, and warehouses - p) 450,000 $19,899
Contract Multi Peril3 locations Kansas Mexican Restauants; GL 1M/2M; Prop TIV pprox... $1,171,000 $17,045
Garage & DealersArkansas Commercial Truck/Trailer Dealer; 1M/2M Garage Liability; $50k GKL; $250k DOL; 3 Scheduled Autos with 1M CSL and $149k Comp/Coll. $16,853
Contract Multi PerilMissouri Property Owner Shopping Center LRO; GL 1M/2M, Prop TIV $2,000,000 $14,159
Contract CasualtyArkansas Apartments, Rental Dwelling, Billboards, Shopping Center LRO with Parking Lots and Vacant Buildings; GL 1M/2M $14,028
Garage & DealersArkansas RV Dealer; 1M/2M Garage Liability; $475k DOL;  $272k Prop TIV; 1 Scheduled Auto and 2 Trailers $13,635
Contract CasualtyOklahoma Mfg and Sales of Metal Pet Fencing; GL 3M/3M limits, $2,000,000 Gross Sales. $12,924
Brokerage Excess UmbrellaArkansas Athletic Arena; 11M XS over underlying primary GL and Liquor Liability  (see GL and Liquor below) $11,250
Contract Multi PerilArkansas Residential Condominium Property Owners Association; $2,900,000 TIV.  (see GL below) $9,918
Contract TransportationKS 2 units - 95% NEMT, 5% Taxi - with 5 years prior loss history $9,846
Allied MedicalKS $1MIL/$3MIL CGL/Prof - Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Counseling Service $8,050
Public EntityMO $5MIL Public Officials Liability/EPL for a Port Authority $7,983
Contract Multi PerilLessor's Risk $6,764
Contract Excess UmbrellaOK - $3MIL XS for Security Guard - Armed & Unarmed at gated community, office complex, and warehouses $6,269
Earthquake (C)MO Church - $10MIL TIV Reinforced Masonry $4,670
Allied MedicalMN Respite Care Services $1MIL/$3MIL CGL/Professional $4,037
Contract Multi PerilThis was a renewal - daycare $3,607
Liquor Liability-1Arkansas Athletic Arena; Liquor Liability 1M/1M limits; based on 'flat' exposure  (See XS above, and GL below.) $3,100
Earthquake (C)MO Health Center - $3.7MIL TIV Reinforced Masonry $2,778
Contract Multi PerilVacant $2,757
Earthquake (C)MO Bank - $8.8MIL TIV Wood Frame w/ Brick Veneer $2,710
Contract Multi PerilVacant/Apartments $2,667
Contract CasualtyTree Trimming $2,365
Contract CasualtyGeneral Contractor $2,273
E&O-ProfessionalHome Heatlh Care $2,210
Contract Multi PerilVacant $2,006
Earthquake (C)IL Church - $2.4MIL TIV Reinforced Masonry $1,960
Contract CasualtyBar $1,886
Contract PropertyThis is a renewal - Restaurant/Bar $1,653
Garage & DealersAuto Service $1,312
Brokerage CasualtyArkansas Athletic Arena; GL 1M/2M limits based on approx. $242,000 gross sales.  (See Liquor and XS above) $1,117
Earthquake (C)MO Church - $2.9MIL TIV Steel Frame $1,005
Liquor LiabilityMO Moonshine Distillery with tastings - $450,000 liquor sales $1,000
Brokerage Excess UmbrellaExcess for a motel $909
Contract CasualtyLessor's Risk - Church $891
Garage & DealersAuto/Equipment Repair $868
Contract CasualtyArkansas Residential Condominium Property Owners Association; GL 1M/2M limits. $750
Contract CasualtyThis is a renewal - Restaurant/Bar $550
Contract CasualtyVacant $500
Earthquake (C)MO Auto Parts Store $583K TIV Reinforced Masonery $402

Personal Lines

LOB DescDescriptionPremVolume
Vacant/RenovationsVacant/Renovation $1.09 mil TIV - Corporately owned $3,201
HomeownersHO-3 - Primary Owner - $425k TIV - two losses - $2,345
Vacant DwellingVacant Condo - $105k T'iV $820