Recent Success

Commercial Lines

LOB DescDescription PremVolume
Brokerage CasualtyKansas School Bus Operations, $1M Sexual Misconduct & Molestation Liability, $10k Dedt $42,020
E&O-ProfessionalKansas Life & Health Insurance Agent, PL 3M/3M, Cyber $150k limit, $7,500/$22,500 Dedts $9,239
Brokerage CasualtyMissouri Civil Engineering, $5M Cyber Liability, $10k Dedt $7,000
Contract Multi PerilMotel in KS with live in management $6,487
Brokerage CasualtyArkansas Communication tower maintenance and repair, GL 1M/2M, $1k Dedt $5,859
Brokerage TransportationMissouri Mobile Dental Office, 1M CSL, $260,000 Comp/Coll $5,780
Brokerage Excess Umbrella$5M XS over above GL $4,400
Garage & DealersMotorcycle Repair & Service - $1MIL Garage Liability, $75K GKLL, $285K in Property $3,608
Environmental LiabilityArkansas Cabinet Shop with Dust Collection System, TIV: $1,706,530 $2,746
Contract Multi PerilLandscaping Contractor in IL $2,166
Inland Marine (C)Mobile Dental Equipment inside the Mobile Dental Office, TIV: $172,400 $2,155
Garage & DealersKansas Auto Dealer - Liability only based on 3 furnished vehicles $2,034
Ocean MarinePrivate watercraft general repair and service - $30,000 sales incl MOLL, P&I $1,500
Contract Multi PerilSmall wood sign, tags, decorative item maker - $250,000 sales, incl $75K BPP $1,355
Ocean MarineBoat Detailing/Cleaning Risk $35,000 in sales incl MOLL, P&I $1,250
Contract CasualtyScrap Metal Dealer $1,000
Contract Excess Umbrella$2MM Excess for landscaping contractor $900

Personal Lines

LOB DescDescription PremVolume
Dwelling FireDP-3 - Tenant Occ Dwg in a PC 10 - $353,000 TIV $5,571
HomeownersHO- 3 Primary (Large dog bite claim) $545k TIV $3,548
HomeownersHO-3 - Primary Dwelling on piers - $510k TIV $2,492
Dwelling FireDP-1 - Owner Occ Dwg - previously a commercial structure - $388,000 TIV $2,249
Dwelling FireStand Alone Adjacent Structure (No living quarters) - $110k TIV $1,444