Recent Success

Commercial Lines

LOB DescDescription PremVolume
Brokerage PropertyArkansas Warehouse LRO, 90% Sprinklered, Modified Fire Restive, TIV: $12,245,000 + $250k Ordinance & Law $40,369
Contract CasualtyWholesale Distribution of metal fence barrier to keep pets/animals from digging underneath, 3M/3M limits, 1K Dedt; $4M Gross Sales $23,969
Contract Multi PerilKansas, Restaurants, 3 locations. GL 1M/2M, $500 Dedt, $1.9M Gross Receipts. Property TIV: $1,260,932; Dedts: $1K AOP; $5k W/H $17,871
Garage & DealersArkansas Truck Dealer & Repair, 1M/2M Garage Liability; $50k GKL; $250k DPD; 2 Scheduled Vehicles 1M CSL, $93k APD $15,144
Contract Multi PerilMissouri Shopping Center & Parking Lot LRO. GL 1M/2M, $500 Dedt; 152,000 Sq Ft. Property TIV: $2M; Dedts: $5k AOP, $5k WH $14,360
Brokerage Excess UmbrellaArkansas, Educational/Athletic-Supporting Organization, Two Excess Policites totalling 11M XS over Primary GL and Liquor $12,350
Brokerage PropertyArkansas, Property Owners Association, TIV: $3M. Dedts: $2,500 AOP; 2% WH. $10,455
Liquor Liability-1Arkansas, Educational/Athletic-Supporting Organization, 1M/1M Liquor Limits, $1,500 Dedt. $3,255
Contract CasualtyArkansas Warehouse LRO, 1M/2M, no GL Dedt; 269,000 Sq Ft Area. $1,726
Brokerage CasualtyArkansas, Educational/Athletic-Supporting Organization, GL 1M/2M, $500 Dedt. $242,000 Gross Sales. $1,157
Contract CasualtyArkansas, Property Owners Association, Office, 5 units, Glub House; GL 1M/2M limits, no GL Dedt. $750

Personal Lines

LOB DescDescription PremVolume
Farm and RanchFarm and Ranch - $341k TIV - Tenant Occupied on 340 acres $5,356
HomeownersHo-3 - Primary Homeowner - $814k TIV - 2 prior losses $4,956
HomeownersHO-3 Secondary dwelling on 140 Acres - $150k TIV $2,749
Vacant/RenovationsVacant/Renovation - $162k TIV - Annual term $2,024
Dwelling FirePremises Liability - $1,000,000 on Vacant Dwelling on 58 acres $793